Why TJ Speed Motorsports?

“I want to be able to bring drivers from Europe or pull up from F4 and help mold their future. I am working on relationships with teams in programs both below and above the FR platform to pull up and pass drivers through and up the motorsports ladder. It is a business model that has worked for me in the past, and something that I look forward to being able to offer in the future. This is just the beginning for TJ Speed.”

A championship caliber team

Knowledgeable and experienced both on and off the track

A dedicated plan for success

Alignment between Engineers and Driver Coaches to improve each and every driver

Defined efforts to climb the ladder to the upper echelons of motorsports

Whether it is the cars on the track or pre- & post-event logistics, attention to detail is second to none

Driver development is designed to get the most out of the current abilities while improving for the future

Connections with media, series and partners